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Magi Chronicles: Destinies of the Old Civilization

Magi Chronicles: Old Chronicles Wiki

The days of the old and new, the old Magi Civilization was a prosperous epoch at the dawn of creation. It was the powers of the Elementals that gave birth to a new nation of life and prosperity.

If you are into story-driven, role-playing action, this is the game for you. The Magi Chronicles: Destinies of the Old Civilizations lets you create a character of your own.

The way how this game works: You get to create your own character. After that, you are able to start building an empire of your own liking-- with the power of the elements that flows throughout the universes. You get to interact with other characters, create alliances, and conquer other domains. Best of all, you get to make your own races and creatures that populate your empire or world.

Welcome to the old civilization.

Magi Chronicles: Destinies of the Old CivilizationEdit

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